Customer results

"Finally get the hair you dream of"

Amyla Cosmetics has developed a range of products specially designed for black hair. Thousands of women around the world use Amyla Cosmetics products daily to help them achieve thin, long hair.

Here are some examples of results obtained by our clients


I have been using Amyla serum for 5 months now and the results are amazing  
Marina Perez

I have often been disappointed with other brands but with Amyla Cosmetics I know that the product will be of good quality and that the results come quickly. 
Shanon Cruz

I have been using Amyla Cosmetics products for a few months now and love it! Customer service responds quickly, delivery is quick, and products deliver results as promised. 
Elise Lucinni

Order received quickly, the serum allowed me to fill in the holes I had and now I frequently recommend because I know that at Amyla Cosmetics the products are of good quality. 
Laura Meyer