About us

Our name Amyla Cosmetics is inspired by Queen Amina of Zaria, a famous Nigerian warrior who defeated an army and was known for her bravery. 

Like Amina from Zaria, every Amyla Cosmetics client is a warrior who fights for what she wants.

Amyla Cosmetics has one goal: To give you the hair you dream of.

Aware that as a woman with natural hair it is very often complicated to take care of her hair and make it grow faster, we have worked for several months and tested hundreds of ingredients to offer you hair care products that will suit you and will really help.

More and more women have tested several brands that make promises but without real results. At Amyla Cosmetics, after testing our products on hundreds of women with different hair qualities (from 1A to 4C), we are sure of the quality of our products and that is why we offer a money back guarantee.

 Join the Amyla Cosmetics Squad and finally get the hair you dream of.