Hair Growth Serum For Natural Hair

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It is finally possible to have long hair!

Our serum has been specially designed to help women with natural hair to have longer hair in a very short time. Composed of natural ingredient (Coconut oil, Carrot oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, etc.)

Order your special natural serum for black hair today and get:

Hair Growth Serum [Pack of 3]
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No hidden ingredients
  • Coconut oil
  • Carrot oil
  • Argan oil
  • Macadamyia nut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin
  • Organic peppermint
6 simple steps for fast results


  • 2

    Put 1ml into the pipette

  • 1

    Make sure the scalp is clean and dry

  • 6

    The hair will grow more and more, day after day.

  • 5

    Dry naturally (takes about 2 minutes)

  • 4

    Massage the scalp for about 1 minute

  • 3

    Apply to the dry scalp, especially the sparse parts


Discover the opinions of thousands of customers all over the world who have tested and approved our serum:

05 June 2023

Petra Johnson

Let me just say this... I started with this oil on October 30,2021 and my hair has grown like crazy. I keep it braided in box braids and I see a huge difference. I wish I could upload more pics because babyyyy it shows

04 June 2023

Janelle Belindo

My hair is starting to grow on my alopecia !! THANK YOU SO MUCH 😍😭

03 June 2023

La Tanya Kolesta

I can't really speak on growth yet but I really love how it moistens my hair from the roots to the ends. My hair has more radiance and lusture to it. I'm really looking forward to growth. In the meantime... just keep getting healthy!!

03 June 2023

Samantha Willys

Noticed some growth on the front of my head (edges), will continue my hair growth journey with your serum guys

02 June 2023

Tiana Holmes

For people who ask before / after photos, I did this. 5 months of using. So happy to see this difference.

01 June 2023

LaShanda Q.

I will be purchasing again ! This serum made my hair grow back after falling out due to a sore. It took a little over 6 weeks for my hair to grow 2 inches, which is great!

01 June 2023

Healer Bursch

Just purchased 3 bottles, let's see the results in a few months

31 May 2023

Tina Hester

Already seeing some hair growth results after 1 month of use.!!!

30 May 2022

Cycile Johnson

It works well ! I used it and noticed so much growth i bought me and my sister a bottle! Thank you.

30 May 2023

Brendy Quincy

Stuff is awesome! It arrived in three days and been using it for a week and I already see some good results... AmylaFamily!!

29 May 2023

Duchess Juanity

Here is my hair growth journey, WOW, so happy to see these 3 images!! What a journey!

28 May 2023

Ellen Ayeni

10 / 10 on this hair growth serum, saw results in 4 months, this serum makes miracles!!

27 May 2023

Tanisha Williams

From New Jersey and look my smile; it's because this serum litteraly saved my hair!! Thank you so much team

25 May 2023

Tammy Williams

OMG !! Girls... The length of my hair has grown a few inches in about 3 months of use. I know you all want proof soooo I made a before / after picture to show you my progress I had with this serum. May God bless this serum and this brand.... 🙏🏾

25 May 2023

Aleah Bridges

Results after 5 months of use, just ordered the shampoo and conditioner today!!

23 May 2023

Sylvia Garcia Matthew

Don't hesitate any longer, this product literally saved my hair! Fast delivery on my 4 orders, it's perfect

22 May 2023

Willow Luney

Before and after in 6 months of using the serum.... !!! I never had a serum like this one, god bless amyla it's real

22 May 2023

Berry Johnson

I had a few bald spots on the top of my head and here are the results after 5 months of use. They won a customer for life.

21 May 2023

Rianna Yollanda

Seens growthh in front of my head, best oil I've tried

21 May 2023

Suzanne Davis

That was my face before I start to use Amyla products.. 😅Now, I'm so happy, I don't have any hair loose

20 May 2023

Sophie McCallung

I'm from Brooklyn and all my friends were telling me about this serum, I've ordered 4 of them for a few months and the results are incredible!!

17 May 2023

Gaby Silvester

Just purchased 2, one for me and for my sister, let's try

16 May 2023

Myalana Smith

Recently ordered the hair growth serum based on numerous positive reviews and I understand now why everyone talks about it ; simply the best oil on the market !!

10 May 2023

Keescha Mortiz

I love the difference in my hair but i am going to have to order some more to see more in my hair growth :)

02 May 2023

Sheily Tamaris

Soo listen at first I was skeptical and did not think it would work but I have been using it consistently every day sometimes twice a day. In 4 weeks I have noticed a big difference! I’m so glad that I have tried this..!!

01 May 2023

Ashley Cunninugton

Rare to find a hair growth serum with such good ingredients, I recommend.

23 April 2023

Hibby Keller

I have always been ashamed with my hair loss .... but now I am free !! Thanks to Amyla

15 April 2023

Feliccia Dupoure

This is 6 months results my hair has not been this long since looong time. Worth it!!

12 April 2023

Azaria Fomby

This is my second purchase, I can’t reall say for sure but I think I see a lil bit of improvement on my hair, I’ll keep track of the improvements 😊

01 April 2023

Josiane S.

I had alopecia and thanks to the serum I was finally able to regrow my hair!

20 March 2023

Traya Keller

Got my edges back...! Thank you so much..!!

15 March 2023

Paola Kingston

I was not sure if it works on my 4C hair but the results are visible already after 6 weeks

11 March 2023

Megane Wright

Just looooove the smell, cooling and invigorating sensation. It really stops the itching ☺️

27 February 2023

Matthisa Juliena

I wonder why I didn't discover this serum before?? Just love it to much!...

22 February 2023

Matissa Douglas

Ordered this product a few days ago, try it and I already feel it amazing.. !! It's a 10 on 10 for me

17 January 2023

Marion Swilet

My hair is growing and my edges are coming back thanks to the Amyla Hair Growth Serum !!!

29 December 2022

Gloria Sisto

I'm starting to see cleary results, can't wait to see my growth a few months

03 December 2022

Ruby Lorna

I have been using the serum for some time now , and its really growing and thicking my hair. Today i received my shampoo and conditioner. My hair feel and smell so good amazing ...

08 November 2022

Teesha Maurice

Wonderful product. Was was skeptical but it is starting to work well, will have to see over several months

30 October 2022

Jenny Meyer

Order received quickly and the serum is working well, I have been using it for 3 weeks and am already seeing results

12 October 2022

Joelle Jogny

Very happy to have finally found a product that works for my hair (4C). I have been using it for 1 month and I see my hair grow.

25 September 2022

Simona Edwards Rose

Purchased 2 bottles, let's see in a few months!

01 September 2022

Victoire Sullyam

Very easy application and use. They have gained a permanent customer. Absolutely amazing, thank you!

04 August 2022

Evelyne Kuedricks

My edges are back!! Thank you god and Amyla! Can't be more happy than that!

17 July 2022

Cydalia Johnson

Finally a serum that really helped me grow the holes I had on the back of my head. Thank you Amyla !!

03 June 2022

Mickaela Griffin

BEST HAIR GROWTH SERUM IN THE MARKET!! Thank you for saving my hair!

02 June 2022

Manuela Brons


17 May 2022

Felichi Ewans

My scalp feel good now. The scent is amazing, and I could swear I see at least a half inch of growth since using this product...!!

13 May 2022

Latisha Rose

My edges were thin but hair was to my bum before. I've gained darker edges in 2 months and now can braid my hair back for wigs. This is my 4th order. I enjoy this company more than the other brand or whatever.

09 May 2022

Brock Verrai

Thank you for this serum, just ordered 2 more bottles...💕

09 May 2022

Martha Aishy

So proud of my hair since I use it!!!

27 April 2022

Janice Johnsonn

I’ve been using this serum for 3 months and had no problems, I've see the growth well too.

31 March 2022

Cheryl Mouteig

Bought 3 bottles a few days ago, I can't wait to test theeem! 😍

17 March 2022

Hashley Fitty

BEST HAIR GROWTH SERUM IN THE MARKET!! Thank you for saving my hair!

16 February 2022

Julieta Simons

Before / after for people who ask, amazing results!!

5 March 2022

Terri Harris Guler

Not used to giving feedback but this product literally saved my hair. this is the only serum where I’ve seen hair growth !!

27 February 2022

Sybil Ertaky

I was skeptical about this serum but finally, I understand why everyone is talking about it: it works well...!! Thank you !!

5 March 2022

Francisca Morrier

My hair is much healthier than ever !! OMG !!

25 February 2022

Atia Nequati

I love the Amyla Serum I'm buying some for my sister's birthday!! 🎁

17 February 2022

Wendy Simons

Finally get my baby hair back!! Love the packaging too

9 February 2022

Lucie Schweuly

I tried to order 4 products last night but the site had a problem when putting my card, did you also see this and why? But I was able to order now and made my purchase ☺️

8 February 2022

Lyce Kinger

I have been using this serum since November 2021 and I can honestly say that my hair has grown so much . I've seen lots of progress from length wise to thickness!!

26 January 2022

Christal Wellington

It doesn't leave your hair feeling to heavy and a little goes a long way. Highly recommended girls!!

24 January 2022

Angela Anestia

This serum first showed up in my timeline on Facebook and I ignored it. But then it started popping up everywhere. So I try it. It was the best decision of 2021 !!

18 January 2022

Yasmine Zwita

Maybe, like you, I was skeptical and thought it was a brand like any other. But I tried their products and I was amazed how good they are!

13 January 2022

Felicia Maurice

This is so great!!! I have little hairs growing I'm happy for now thank you.

12 January 2022

Sonya Sibbles

I noticed a difference it was just at shoulder length and now it’s at the middle of my back between my shoulder blades. Thank you.

7 January 2022

Treva Simons

I receive my 3 bottles today, I can't wait to test them!! Packaging is good but not amazing.

2 January 2022

Giulia Tribiani

4 months ago, I did not know this brand but I tried and now I can't without it, it is my favorite hair brand !!

2 January 2022

Ashley Borrom

My hair grew after 5 months of use. The product smells good and it keeps the hair silky

31 December 2021

Christine Smith

Miracle product. That's it. My hair was thinning out and becoming brittle...Now it's thick and healthy.


Lola Gecolio

Finally my edges are back!! I don't know how to thank you amyla team!!


Maeve Simons

Smell good and the packaging is good. 😊


Latrina Tymisha

I love this oil, so much growth look!! 😚


Darea Cherie

I’ve notice a great difference with my hair, especially on areas that have been bald for yeaaars. 😍😍


Phyllis Maurice

I noticed a difference it was just at shoulder length and now it’s at the middle of my back between my shoulder blades. Thank you.


Janodden Norodden

Finally a serum that works, thanks god! Fast delivery and the customer support is very responsive, I highly recommend Amyla Cosmetics.


Maricel Fernandez

All I can say is that amyla cosmetics work REALLY well! My hair has grown 2-3 inches in just a few months


Betty Wykina

BEST product I have purchased thus far..I noticed growth within the first week. Ready to make my next purchase!!


Amander Kerlys

Just looooove the smell, cooling and invigorating sensation. It really stops the itching ☺️


Joanny Micha

Hereditary hair loss; this product is helping slow the process and keep my scalp healthier.


Regina Johnson

Finally a serum that really makes the hair grow. I have tried a lot of other serums and this is the one that really works. Thanks 🥰🥰


Tabatha Jada

I love this , gives shine, helps growth, and gives strength. Thank you Amyla Cosmetics💕


Chrystal Tereika

Very good product. I'm coming from a friend of mine who loves this hair growth serum.


Atia Mourik

I was surprised for the good, the serum really works.


Titina Mayer

Amyla Hair Growth Serum is the best for all women who have hair loss problem. Try it, it will help you a lot!


Lisa Sidilly

10 / 10 on this hair growth serum, saw results in 4 months


Renata O.

I had some hair loss on my scalp, thanks to this serum my hair grew back in these holes.


Pauline Lopeia

Do you want hair growth serum that really works? Then the Amyla serum will be your new favorite serum, period.. Love it!


Tinisha Pertik

This product literally improved my afro growth journey


Maeve Ouiya

Great serum, great packaging, great brand. All that I can say, go for it!!


Savanah Douglas

I have been using it for 3 months and the results are phenomenal, it has given me the growth and shine I wanted. It has definitely moisturized my scalp better, healthy and my hair is thicker.


Carol Teyaha

Simply LOVE this serum, my hair is growing at a remarkable rate thanks to this product !!!


Keehsa Rhiani

My afro hair is thicker, healthier, gowing edges and stronger thanks you


Tonya H.

Definitely feel like there's some sort of growth will be buying more


Marjorie Costa

Love the Amyla serum! Definitely see some growth coming in! Will be a returning customer!!


Cynthia Jamiya

Got amazing results on my hair growth journey, love it