Your Ultimate Scalp Care Routine




The health of your hair depends on scalp care. For curly hair, scalp care can determine the level of bounce, moisture or dryness in your curls. Plus, it can relieve recurring problems like itchy scalp.Learn why scalp care is essential for your curls. We also explain how and what you need to achieve a healthy, optimal scalp. 

Not only does the scalp house the thousands of hair follicles from which your strands grow, but it ages and undergoes changes in the same way as the skin on your face and body. That's why it's important to take care of it Like your face, your scalp can become dry, flaky, oily and even break out. 


On a daily basis, things can get uncomfortable. Itchy scalp, broken hair and soreness are all potential problems that can result from not giving your scalp the care and attention it needs. On the surface, poor scalp care can leave your curls looking limp, dull and dry. 


How do you care for your scalp ?


Determine your scalp type

You should be able to tell from factors such as how it reacts to products. Once you've determined your scalp type, you can choose exactly the right product for you.



No matter what type of scalp you have, every hair needs to be moisturized. There are many types of scalp moisturizers. Look for scalp conditioners that contain ingredients like coconut. They will help your scalp attract and retain moisture. Every scalp needs a certain level of moisture on a daily basis. 



This type of natural hair product can have a dual effect. Lightweight hair oils are absorbed into the scalp to moisturize it from the inside out, while a heavier scalp oil seals in moisture, while soothing dry, itchy scalp. Oil as often as needed, but be sure to clean your hair on wash days so the oil doesn't build up over time. This can clog your hair follicles and cause dandruff or other scalp problems. 



The scalp develops dead skin buildup in the same way as the skin on your face. There's also product build-up. If you have curly hair, chances are you have a fairly extensive list of products, including the oils mentioned above. To achieve a healthy scalp, it's best to remove dead skin and leftover products before using your scalp shampoo and conditioner. Do this step every wash day.


Deep treatment

The scalp can also benefit from the additional moisturizing ingredients of deep treatments. Think of scalp treatment as a specialized step. You may not need to do one with every wash, but consider adding Coco Creme Deep Moisture Mask to your daily haircare routine or whenever your scalp is itchy or needs to balance excess oil. 


Having a healthy scalp requires a daily practice then a very important factor to take into account to obtain results : moisturizing and cleaning ! 

There are no results if the scalp is not moisturized enough, that's why I advise you to bring moisture through additional products. In our range I can advise you the coconut mask, our moisturizer or our coconut conditioner which brings hydration and repair to the hair. Our Ebook can also help you to know all the other factors that come into play for hair journey.