Why is my hair so dry ? Find out all the causes



Wondering: why is my hair so dry? No matter your hair length or type, dry hair is one of the most common hair complaints. Perhaps your hair is dry at the ends or always feels dry even though you regularly use conditioner. In this article, well go through the most common causes of dry hair and what you can do to resolve and fix your dry hair woes.

The Weather

Wondering why your hair is so dry and brittle when it’s autumn or winter? The drop in temperature and humidity can play havoc with your natural hair. So if you notice that your hair is getting drier during these transitional months but you haven’t made any changes to your routine, it’s probably due to the colder, drier weather which can strip your hair moisture and make it feel dry, brittle and dull.  When dry hair strands are exposed to humidity, the hair will take up some of the water in the air and swell up. This is what causes frizz.

Washing your hair (the wrong way)

We know that washing your hair frequently can dry it out. The reason your hair can become dry and brittle from washing is hair fatigue. Ultimately, fatigue can lead to dryness, breakage, brittle hair and split ends - in fact, everything we want to avoid !

One way to avoid natural hair fatigue is to pre-treat your hair with coconut oil before washing it with a good natural shampoo that is gentle enough to use every day.

Your drying method

Another way to care for your hair is to dry it quickly. This reduces the risk of damaging the hair structure, which is most fragile when wet. Damaged hair becomes dry and brittle and can be difficult to style. We recommend avoiding heat and using a microfiber turban to avoid heat damage. Also, avoid having wet hair outdoors as it is a better breeding ground for infections.

Friction From Your Pillows

Upgrade your night routine and trade your cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk one as a remedy for dry natural hair. Or just wear a satin or silk bonnet or headscarf. This will help you retain moisture and reduce friction on your hair.  So make sure that you’re sleeping with a protective bonnet/scarf or pillowcase.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical processes like relaxing hair or colouring hair can leave your hair very brittle with an increased risk for breakage. Think about ditching or reducing these chemical treatments.

Not 'Sealing In' your Moisture

Your hair can be dry even if you use a moisturiser or leave-in conditioner every day. This is because water easily enters the hair, but it can also easily escape from the hair strand, especially if you live in a cold, low-humidity climate.

Applying oil to hydrated hair slows down the rate at which water escapes from curly and coily strands and hence helps to fix hair dryness.