How to wash your hair the right way


1. Make sure you wash your hair
Washing your hair is just as important as moisturizing and styling it. A balance of removing and adding natural hair care products will help you establish a healthy hair care regimen and grow your hair. To rid your hair and scalp of debris and dead skin, you should shampoo every 7-10 days (or more often if you are active), even during styling sessions.

2. Massage your scalp
Why not give your scalp a little gentle treatment? In addition to washing your hair regularly, be sure to wash your scalp in gentle circular motions with your fingertips. This will remove dirt, promote blood flow to the scalp and help you avoid itchy scalp.

3. Choose a mild shampoo
Start your routine by massaging the shampoo into your scalp using your finger tips and work it along the hair strands. A clean and stimulated scalp allows for optimum hair growth-

4. Use your conditioner correctly
Using a conditioner by massaging it into your scalp provides a good glide, which makes detangling easier. They are not designed to stay on your skin too long as they can irritate sensitive skin.

5. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel
You may have noticed that you get frizz when you use a regular cotton towel. This is due to the friction that lifts the cuticles of your hair strands and the friction causes frizz. Microfiber towels are designed to create less friction (which means less frizz!) and prevent breakage !