How to save time on my hair routine ?

Looking for time-saving tips to ensure your hair has everything it needs ?
Here are all our quick tips for your hair care routine and to promote hair growth !


1. Do treatments while you're doing something else 

Treatments are important to promote hair growth and protect it. Whether it's a pre-poo or a conditioning treatment, make sure you do them while you're doing other activities to maximize your time. You can easily watch shows, read books or do chores while wearing your cap.


2. Wash your hair in sections

We know that when you're short on time, it seems easier to wash all your hair at once, but dividing your hair into sections will help cut down on the amount of detangling you need to do after washing. Divide your hair into four sections (more if your hair is thicker) and create large twists. Gently wash each section and re-twist, before applying your conditioner and detangling your hair with your fingers. 


3. Hydration first  

As we all know dryness can be a huge problem. It makes your hair more susceptible to breakage and tangles, which can make your wash day and styling process longer. A quick and easy way to provide your hair with moisture is to use the LOC method, layering liquid, oil and cream.  


4 - Cut the tips 

Although your goal is to gain length, your hair will take time to grow and repair itself if the ends are damaged. So don't hesitate to get a haircut every four months or so. This will make your hair stronger and more beautiful, and it will grow faster.


5. Protective hairstyles 

Limit handling and keep your ends safe by wearing hairstyles like braids, twists or buns but be careful not to over-tighten. Tightening your protective hairstyles too much will have the opposite effect and damage your hair. But save time with protective hairstyles as they will require less attention.  


6. Get a subscription for your favorite hair products

Getting a subscription for your most frequently used products will save you time and money.

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