How to get defined curls that make your curls pop



Have fun with your hair and make your curls stand out ! We show you some foolproof ways to do it ! 


1- Use a setting gel

Wash and condition your hair using Amyla Cosmetics products.  Detangle your hair, preferably when it's wet, and add a leave-in conditioner of your choice.  The next and final step is to add a setting gel.  Let your hair dry naturally and voila, your curls will be defined.


2- Finger coils

Finger coiling is another classic way to define curls. Start with wet or dry hair and moisturise.  Apply curl cream evenly over your hair and then in small sections, twirl the hair around your fingers.  Allow to dry and rock your curly fro or style as required.


3- Twist out

This method will give you curls for days.  Apply a good curling cream and twist your hair in small sections, or you can flat twist your hair instead.  Leave for a few hours, or better still, sleep with your protective style.  Undo your twists and you will have perfect defined curls.  


4- Bantu knots

Part your hair into small sections or larger sections If your hair is a bit longer.  Proceed to braid your hair and twist your hair around itself in order to achieve the knots.  This in itself is a cool style to rock for the day, but once you are ready to have your curls, simply undo the knots.


It goes without saying that to preserve your curly styles, you should always sleep with a satin bonnet at night.