All you need to know about Plopping Natural Hair


The struggle to achieve and maintain voluminous and bouncy curls is real. But hair plopping could be the missing detail in your quest for perfect curls. You can save yourself hours of twist-out tutorials in favor of this quick, heatless method. It's a drying technique that's somewhat similar to the trick of pineapple-ing curls overnight. This version starts with wet hair, and when you release it in the morning, the curls are much fluffier than if you had slept with them flat.


While this method focuses on how your hair is dried, it is done after applying your styling products. Essentially, you combine your curl with a wrapping method for hair drying that adds body and definition to your curls (without heat).


What does hair plopping mean ?

So, what is plopping? Hair plopping is pretty much what it sounds like. You literally plop your hair upside down onto a t-shirt or towel before rolling it up into a masterpiece. Here's exactly how to do it.

Cleanse and condition. After using a reparative and nourishing shampoo, apply the reparative conditioner and carefully detangle your curls. You can also use a reparative hair mask to assist with this step. Squeeze out excess water from your hair. It should be damp but not soaking wet before moving on to the next step.


Prepare your plopping accessories. This way, you can go straight into plopping once your products are applied. Lay a t-shirt or hair towel on a flat surface that's not too low, preferably, as you'll need to bend over to do the plop. A bed or chair is ideal.


Apply your styling products. Whether you follow the LOC or LCO method for your curls, now is the time to work your leave-in conditioner, curl cream, and oil through your strands. For wavy textures, start with our leave-in conditioner and our fortifying hair growth serum. Make sure to work each product section by section, from roots to ends, using your fingers. You should see some separation and curl definition before moving on to the plopping.


Do the plop. Once your products are applied, bend your head forward and position your hair in the center of the t-shirt or towel. Grab the bottom corners of the fabric and fold them toward the back of your neck. Then, grab the top corners and fold them to meet the bottom half. The top layer should cover the bottom half. You can either straighten up and tie the top flaps around your forehead or stay bent over and tie the top corners at the back of your head. Once tied, tuck in the loose ends.

Let it dry. Keep your hair wrapped up until it's dry. Once unraveled, apply a light layer of our hair growth serum on top and further fluff.


How long can you plop your hair ?

The duration of plopping mainly depends on how long it takes for your hair to dry. It also greatly depends on the porosity of your hair. High to medium porosity hair may take longer to dry than low porosity hair. Evaluate the timing based on your experience with your hair and how long it usually takes for it to set when doing a protective hairstyle. The t-shirt will help absorb moisture much quicker than air-drying, so it may take less time than usual. You don't want your hair to be too dry, so consider releasing it after a few hours or the next morning if you've slept with it.


Can you plop hair overnight ? 

Hair can definitely be plopped overnight. Just take into account how your hair reacts when wet and when you sleep on it. If you find that your hair dries fairly quickly, you may not want to keep it plopped for the entire duration of your sleep. If your hair takes a while to dry, sleeping on it can be a solution to allow it to fully dry.


Is plopping suitable for curly hair ?

Certainly, straight hair can benefit from the volumizing advantages of plopping, but this technique was practically designed for curly hair. It's challenging to achieve the same level of volume with other styling methods. It would require using a diffuser with the head flipped upside down until the hair is completely dry, and even in that case, there's a risk of heat damage and dryness. Plopping offers a heatless alternative with similar results.


How to plop short hair ?

As long as you can tilt your head forward, you can plop your hair. The steps for hair plopping are the same regardless of hair length. The key is to gather the hair into the fabric right at the crown of your head. With shorter hair, it may mean leaning forward even more before wrapping them.


Now you're ready to try plopping with your natural hair and enjoy voluminous, defined curls without excessive heat. It's a simple and effective technique that can make all the difference in your hair care routine. So, grab your t-shirt or towel, apply your favorite styling products, and let your hair do the rest!