7 Easy remedies to reduce natural hair breakage


For most naturals, hair breakage can be an unpleasant experience.Your natural hair is dull-looking, dry, and hard to comb without losing chunks of hair. While breaking a little hair here and there is perfectly normal, breaking hair too often is not. We will explain the causes of brittle hair and the remedies you can use to reduce breakage on a daily basis. 


Preventing Natural Hair Breakage :

Hair that breaks too often means your hair is not healthy, needs repair and stronger. To help you reduce hair breakage, here are some methods that will help you :


1. Moisturize and seal your hair

To prevent your hair from breaking, you need to moisturize and seal it with oils. Most naturals make the mistake of only moisturizing their hair and leaving it at that. So what to do ? Seal ! Sealing involves using light oils on your hair after moisturizing it. These oils help lock in moisture so your hair stays hydrated for a long time.


2. Tuck in your ends

If you have long natural hair, chances are you often touch the braided ends of your hair. You probably let the ends of your hair hang loose. Unfortunately, constantly touching your hair or letting it hang loose can lead to breakage. Constant contact with your fingers or the back of your neck removes moisture from your hair, making it dry and brittle and causing it to break easily. Moisturize, seal and tuck those ends in !


3. Trim your split ends

Split ends can result from harsh weather conditions, using broken combs, straightening or curling hair, etc. It can also prevent your hair from lengthening or maintaining its length. The best solution is to cut off those split ends ! 


4. Don't comb your hair dry or wet

You often hear the advice "Don't comb dry hair", but not the advice "Don't comb wet hair". In any case, you should not comb your hair when it is dry or wet. Wet hair is usually fragile, and when you comb through it in this state, your hair breaks easily. So when should you comb your hair ? After washing and drying your hair, moisturize and seal it, then comb it in sections.


5. Take lots of fresh fruits and water

Eating plenty of fresh fruit and water can help you fight hair breakage. They contain essential nutrients that strengthen your hair follicles, promote hair growth and reduce breakage. They also make your hair soft and manageable, so it doesn't get caught on a comb and prevents breakage and split ends from occurring.


6. Avoid wearing tight braids

While protective styles like braids are great ways to style your hair. Most of them require a lot of manipulation on your hair roots or scalp when braiding. This tension can lead to breakage as well if you leave your braids in too long. To avoid this, we recommend braids that require little manipulation such as knotless braids.


7. Sleep with a satin bonnet or satin pillow case

After moisturizing and massaging your hair, the next ideal thing to do is to wear a satin cap. Satin is made of materials that won't dry out your hair or cling to your strands. They also preserve the moisture in your hair and protect your strands while you sleep. Another added benefit of sleeping with a satin pillow is that it will help smooth frizzy hair and eliminate any friction that your natural hair might experience if it is rubbed against a hard fabric like cotton.