5 things you need for your night time routine


Besides daytime routines like washing, conditioning, having a nighttime hair routines are also important. Caring for your hair during the day is just as important as when you sleep ! 

Discover the best tips for taking care of your hair before you go to bed : 

1. Moisturize your natural hair

If you have trouble keeping your hair moisturized during the day, moisturizing your hair at night might be just what you need. All you need to do is lightly mist your hair with water, or spray a leave-in and water mixture, then apply a light oil. Once you're done, put on your silk cap and go to sleep.


2. Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp regularly promotes hair growth by circulating blood flow to your hair follicles. To do this, simply use an oil (coconut, olive, jojoba oil for example). Then apply the oil to your hands and massage your scalp in a circular motion. Repeat several times a week. 


3. Do The Pineapple Style

The pineapple hairstyle is simply means gathering your hair into a loose high ponytail, and then securing it with a hairband. This style keeps your curls intact overnight and ready for styling the next day. It also reduces the friction on your hair while you sleep.


4. Do a Twist or Braid

Aside from the pineapple style, a twist or braid is another way to keep your hair moisturized overnight. A simple braid or twist also helps to prevent tangles and decrease frizz. The best part is when you take them down the next day, you have a twist-out or braid-out look. Your hair will become easier to manipulate too.


5. Wear a Satin Bonnet

After you've moisturized, massaged, the next ideal thing to do is wear a satin bonnet. Satin is made of materials that do not dry out the hair or snag at your strands. They also preserve the moisture in your hair and protect your strands while you sleep. Another added benefit of sleeping with a satin pillow is that it will help smoothen frizzy hair and eliminates any friction your natural hair could experience if it is rubbed against a harsh fabric like cotton.