5 secret tips for long natural hair


1- Moisturize your natural hair

Our natural hair is very fragile and often very dry. In order to keep it healthy and strong, you will need to take the utmost care of it. You will need to moisturize daily, do deep masks regularly, and apply oils monthly. Once you've moisturized your hair properly, you'll have soft, shiny hair.


2- Uses the right ingredients to promote hair growth 

Dried out, lacking in nutrients or moisture, natural hair becomes fragile, hence the interest in using a boosting treatment like our hair growth serum. Its formulation has been designed to meet the specific needs of your hair.

Thanks to the oil of coconut, and carrot it nourishes, protects and hydrates in depth. Rich in oil of argon, almond, jojoba and in vitamins, it supports the growth, repart and gives shine and manageability to your hair !

Our hair growth serum works miracles on all hair types !



3- Choose a good diet 

Make sure you’re having five portions of fruit and veg each day and try to avoid sweets and fatty foods. A healthy and balanced diet is essential to hair and your health. Protein-rich foods are known to promote hair growth, eat protein-rich foods, your body will naturally produce keratin. Also, get plenty of vitamin B, C and E. Vitamin B is responsible for the overall health of your hair, including its moisture, smoothness and production of sebum.


4- Scalp conditions and products used 

A dry scalp, dandruff or itching is a sign that the scalp is dehydrated. Use a sulphate-free shampoo and get natural moisturisers and oils. The natural products will provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow long and strong, while a sulphate-free shampoo won’t strip your hair of its sebum, ensuring it’s not dried out. 


5- Think of making scrubs

Exfoliating is a beneficial gesture to accelerate hair growth. Especially with short hair, this action is ideal. In general, exfoliation is particularly useful to eliminate impurities on the scalp, thus activating the microcirculation. These actions have the ability to quickly activate the growth. It is very easy to concoct a scrub from natural products. There are many possibilities, but it is important to do it once a week. During this step, don't forget to massage your hair, as it helps a lot in the regrowth process.


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