Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]
Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]
Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]
Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]
Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]
Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]

Hair Growth Spray [Pack of 2]

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 Our spray can work real miracles!

Amyla Cosmetics hair grow spray treats your hair with rich nutrition, strengthens hair root nutrition, accelerates hair growth, effectively prevents baldness and heals the scalp! Works great for alopecia.

Each bottle are 30ml (1.05oz)

Ginger extract : boosts hair growth and revitalizes the scalp
Ginseng extract : promotes hair growth and fights against hair loss
Fleece root : helps reduce hair loss and promotes hair growth
Grape seed oil : cleanses the scalp and restores moisture to the hair. Gives strength and shine
Glycerol: Moisturizes, softens and smoothes. Leaves hair easy to style, supple, light and shiny.
Carbomer : Emulsion stabilizer, Gelling agent
Propylen Glycol : Humectant and Solvent
Metylparaben : Conservative

Hair type 
Recommanded for all hair types (1A to 4C). Can be used on natural hair and relaxed hair.

Animal testing :
Officially PETA Approved : We do not animal test.

Why Amyla Cosmetics is different ?
As a woman we know how disappointing it is not to have the results you want, especially for your hair. By ordering from Amyla Cosmetics, you take no risk.  If you don't see results after 2 months of use, you will be reimbursed in full.

How to use it 
1. Wash the hair with shampoo and dry your hair.

2. Evenly spray the hair growth at the hairline, twice a day (morning and evening), spray 1ml at one time (spray 5-6 times) increase or decrease the dosage according to the specific condition

3. If possible, massage for several minutes

4. Let it dry well for several hours before doing anything to your hair.

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